You may already know this. Food aficionados have to be very careful because not everything that looks Italian is truly Italian! If you don't know, read below. Sounding Italian is that phenomenon consisting in the use of words as well as images, color combinations (e.g. the national tricolor flag), geographical references, brands evocative of Italy to promote and market products - above all but not exclusively agri-food - which in reality are not Made in Italy. The definition of "Made in Italy" alone is not enough to be sure the product is actually made up of raw materials from the Italian territory. Made in Italy simply means that the last product process took place in Italy. So when you buy check this out!!!


"Truly Italians" was born to give the opportunity to true lovers and connoisseurs of the quality and taste of Italian products, to be able to purchase exclusive food that is certainly and 100% produced in Italy. Truly Italian selects for you products of the highest quality from small producers, mainly artisanal and that you can hardly find through other channels via the internet. Products of absolute genuineness, perfectly balanced from a nutritional point of view and therefore optimal for health. Our policy is to provide to our food-lovers with something good to eat but also a true engaging experience also from a cultural and personal enrichment point of view. In fact, each of our product represents a territory, a landscape, a community, a way of living and understanding life according to the most genuine Italian style. Our products will stimulate your imagination and could represent the beginning of a wonderful journey for you. A journey that, who knows, starts on you table but sooner or later will lead you to travel to those places of origin of your favorite products. One of the cradles of the famous "Mediterranean diet". And then you will love them even more! DO CHOOSE "TRULY ITALIANS"! DO CHOOSE A GOOD FOOD, GOOD FOR YOUR DREAMS TOO!