Truly Italians is more than just a name, it is a mission. It was an idea that stemmed from our passion for food and our wish to share it with others. Our team of Italian and Italian-American friends, who are entrepreneurs, created a space where people can discover genuine Italian food that follows the highest quality standards. Our products are carefully selected from the best regions of Italy, where the traditions and recipes have been passed down for generations. We deal directly with the producers, who are usually small artisans. This means that our products are unique and offer a high quality and authenticity that you won't find elsewhere. We are proud to support these local businesses and share their passion for Italian cuisine with our customers. By buying from us, you are also helping them preserve their heritage and livelihood.

Our team of food experts, with a strong Italian heritage that spans many years of food production and trade, is based in the United States. We use our expertise and experience to ensure that our products match the expectations and needs of our customers. We also provide information and tips on how to prepare and enjoy our products, as well as stories and insights on the culture and history behind them.

At Truly Italians, we take quality seriously. That's why we personally test every product that we offer on our website. We make sure that what you buy meets our high standards, not only in terms of safety and freshness but also in terms of taste and flavor. We don't just sell food; we enjoy it ourselves. Before it reaches your table, we eat it! We also invite you to join our community of food lovers, where you can share your feedback and suggestions with us and other customers.

At our company, we have a clear vision: to deliver high-quality, authentic Italian food products at reasonable prices. This vision reflects what our customers appreciate and expect from us, and it also expresses our genuine passion for authentic Italian cuisine. We want to share our love for the rich and diverse flavors of Italy with you by offering you genuine Italian ingredients that can help you create Italian dishes in your own home. Whether you are looking for pasta, sauces, olive oil, or any other Italian specialty, you can find it on our online store. We invite you to explore our website and discover the taste of Italy with us.