Truly Italians came to life from an idea of a group of experts Italian and Italian-American friends (enterpreneurs and communication expert but first of all FOOD LOVERS! ) offering to an attentive and demanding public the opportunity to choose, within the vast world of trade in European food products, especially Italians, a reliable and safe place where to be sure to purchase high quality italian food that has a true italian origin.

Our team based in USA is passionate and are true food connoisseurs, coming from Italian families engaged for more than a century in the area of food production and trade. A deep sensitivity that has become a spontaneous genetic characteristic and intrinsic love for all that is food This accumulated know- how is used today as professional knowledge to ensure an exact correspondence between consumer expectations and real characteristics of the product selection.

The Truly Italians team directly tests each product that is offered on its online sales channel after review. What the consumer buys has been verified and approved in all its characteristics, not only a commodity but also organoleptic : before arriving to your table , we eat it!

Truly italians deal directly with producers. Generally small artisanal producers with limited production capacities and therefore rare on the market.

The goal is great food at reasonable prices. A challenge that we know meets the favor of our customers and that we want to share because of true passion and deep love for good and genuine things.



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